“The Bad Idea Voice Is A Liar. It seems that almost every day I have to FIGHT that voice. The voice that is negative; the self harm talk; the fearful, doubtful, insecure demon that tells me “it’s all pointless,” “why bother,” “stay in bed,” “it’s never gonna get better,” “give up already,” “nobody really likes you,” “you’re a fraud” “your time has come and gone” and on and on and on. I can tell you that without MASSIVE ACTION, I would not be here typing this message; I would be homeless, in jail, in a psychiatric ward, or dead. The massive action I am referring to comes in many many forms: meditation, fellowship, prayer, writing or journaling, support groups, charity, volunteering, helping others, seeking deeper forgiveness for self and others, seeking a deeper acceptance of life exactly the way it is right here and now. All I have to l do is STAY IN THE FIGHT FOR GOOD. I must keep moving. Whether I move inches or miles doesn’t matter, as long as I STAY MOVING. And when times get tough, and my limited mind demon comes back to tell me I can’t keep moving, I look to WHO I CAN HELP and just like magic my worries, my mania, my crippling thoughts are subdued.”